Salmon Fly Prints

Seasons' Run is a limited edition series of prints from Steven's original paintings of four classic salmon flies.  Each fly was painted actual size.  Two hundred and fifty prints were expertly reproduced on high quality acid-free paper.  Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

The prints are 13" x 13".  The same 7/8" wood frame was used on each fly print yet each frame a different colour to compliment the painting.  Steven chose not to mat the prints as he wanted the same look as his originals with the flies centered on a white background.  An acrylic spacer is applied so that the print is not touching the glass.

Seasons' End

The Cosseboom fly is the first of the series.  I mentioned to Dr. Wilfred Carter of the Atlantic Salmon Federation that I would like to paint a classic salmon fly that represented the Maritimes and he suggested the Cosseboom.  A few years later on a walk the idea for the painting came to me.  It was mid-October, the end of the salmon fishing season, the leaves were falling and at my feet I found the perfect maple leaf.

Fly Wallet

I could not find a suitable wallet for my second fly painting so I stitched my own of leather and attached a brass snap.  The Autumn fly, the Copper Killer seemed appropriate for this painting.  I applied 23 karat gold to the painting and have applied by hand the same gold to each print to give it the exact same look as the original.

Fly Box

I knew that I had to paint a fly box.  I wanted the texture of wood so I soon realized that I would have to hand craft my own fly box for the painting.  I chose the Rusty Rat to sit atop the box.

Blue Charm on Lilac

I love the wood texture of the lilac so chose to simply hook this Summer fly on the lilac branch and paint it.

This is the fourth painting of my series, Seasons' Run.

  • Framed $225.00 Canadian funds
  • Unframed $100.00 Canadian funds

* Exception to above prices is Fly Wallet - Framed $265.00, Unframed $140.00
- Shipping and tax extra (no tax when shipped to US destinations)

To order, call 1-888-255-4251

The Crocker Hill Store, Steven Smith Designs, 45 King St. St. Andrews N.B Canada E5B 1X6
Tel: (506) 529-4303 | Toll Free: 1-888-255-4251| Email:


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