Our First Garden In St. Stephen, New Brunswick
The following are excerpts from Gardening Life Magazine "In the Pink", Jan/Feb 2001

Courtesy: Gardening Life, "In the Pink", Jan/Feb 2001
"If you want a beautiful garden, " chuckles Gail Smith of her husband Steven, "marry an artist!" Where ever you look at Crocker Hill, named after the old nearby schoolhouse, there's plenty of evidence of an artist's eye and energy at work.

The flower beds undulate like ribbons in the wind across the hillside. No staid, straight strip planting here! The flowers are planted in a kind of big, bold drifts of colour, shapes sizes and fragrances.

Granite benches are positioned in exactly the right spot. And the colour - everything from the numerous varieties of old- fashioned lavendar to the gleam of the ice cream pink geranium -blends together as harmoniously as an impressionist painting.
Courtesy: Gardening Life, "In the Pink", Jan/Feb 2001

Courtesy: Gardening Life, "In the Pink", Jan/Feb 2001

For over 10 years, guidebooks have listed Crocker Hill as a "must see garden for serious gardeners." Tourists flocked to delight in the Smith's natural gift of gardening. But, the couple reluctantly closed the garden gates to the public.

Gail and Steven sold their beautiful home and garden of almost thirty years in August, 2006.  They continue to garden on a smaller scale at their home and shop in the heart of St. Andrews By-the-Sea.

Our Garden In St. Andrews, New Brunswick  
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